Lay Down Your Burdens, S2E19 & 20

Lay Down Your Burdens Part 1 and 2:  In the exciting Season Two finale, Jules and Ella discuss some Kara characterization (and possible mis-characterization), whether or not to steal an election and much more...after the jump.
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Holiday Message

Hello SO SAY WE ALL family! Ella is going on holiday for a month- good news, she'll be back in September when we will begin recording Season Three! Hold tight for our coverage on Lay Down Your Burdens Part I and II.    
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Will You Take My Hand?

Listen to Jules and Ella's take on Star Trek: Discovery's Season 1 Finale! S1E15
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The War Without The War Within

We're one episode away from the season finale of STAR TREK DISCOVERY, SEASON 1! The War Without The War Within is a solid episode with lots of character work, freeing us up to concentrate on plot for the finale.
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What’s Past is Prologue

Join Jules and Ella as they discuss What's Past is Prologue, an aptly referenced The Tempest quote, as this episode is a furious storm of action and converging plots, in what feels like a season finale. With two episodes left to go, the girls discuss the direction of...
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Vaulting Ambition

SPOILERS....Emperor Georgiou sees newfound opportunity when she discovers Michael's true identity and Lorca's ambitions are yet to be revealed but they are probably no-less than taking over the world..sss. Jules and Ella get into some series therapy, discussing ways...
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The Wolf Inside

Jules and Ella are getting excited about Star Trek Discovery, as The Wolf Inside proves to be another stand-out episode. The Mirror Universe is the perfect playground for these characters and we have a huge progression in the Tyler/Voq arc. Has Discovery officially...
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Despite Yourself, S1E10

We're back from the mid-season finale and it's a whole new world, literally. Welcome to the "Mirror Universe," where the USS Discovery is trapped, much in a Voyager-esq way, far from home. Jules and Ella discuss the future "show engine" and our reactions to the big...
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Into the Forest I Go S1E9

It's all happening in the mid-season finale of Star Trek Discovery. We manage to lose the momentum from the previous episode and a long running season arc gets some resolution.
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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum S1E8

It's an away mission y'all, and we have a sparkle-yurt. Next up is the mid-season finale, and this episode serves to set up that conflict. Episode highlight: Saru's sprint.
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Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad S1E7

In this episode of Starfleet Academy, Jules and Ella review Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad, S1E7. The show hits its stride, although the Star Trek romantic curse persists as Michael might have more chemistry with the Gormagander than Lt. Tyler. At least there's...

Lethe S1E6

Jules and Ella review Lethe (S1E6), where Michael falls into the "oblivion"  of Katra. The girls discuss the weirdness that is Lt. Ash Tyler, Lorca's game and the Antedean connection. Stay tuned after the credits for Ella outakes.    

Choose Your Pain S1E5

Jules and Ella have mixed reviews for Star Trek Discovery's fifth episode, Choose Your Pain. We've got a new, sketchy character, and a far too easy escape, leading to questions about a certain series arc. Jules has suspicions about the universe Discovery is set in.

Context is for Kings Review S1E3

Welcome to Starfleet academy. In today's class we discuss Context is for Kings, S1E3. We delve into character analysis on Cpt. Lorca, Michael, Silvia, and the cast going forward as well as speculating on the future engine of the show.

Discovery Pilot Review S1E1, S1E2

Welcome to Starfleet Academy! Buckle up Cadets, we're exploring the Star Trek Discovery Pilot Episodes, The Vulcan Hello and Battle at the Binary Stars. (S1E1, S1E2) Jules and Ella introduce themselves and the show, speculate on the future show engine, discuss the...