About Storied Dames

Storied Dames is our podcast production company. We host our podcasts here but also have built a space to celebrates women in science fiction and fantasy. From complex, richly depicted characters in fiction, to creatives and executives working behind the scenes, this is a place to encourage and popularize women in these genres.

Jules and Ella host SO SAY WE ALL: A BATTLESTAR GALACTICA PODCAST and STARFLEET ACADEMY: A STAR TREK DISCOVERY PODCAST. Both shows examine television through the lens of story.

About Us


Jules Damewood is a Los Angeles based writer. She created Storied Dames to produce podcasts about the world she knows: science fiction, fantasy and writing. She has a passion for content that showcases diversity and complex female characters. Her professional background as a development executive in film prepared her for Storied Dames where she read thousands of screenplays and worked closely with writers turning their scripts into viable projects.


Ella is a researcher at NYU. She brings her academic background in psychology and feminist perspective to her podcasts. She lives in Brooklyn and in addition to her research, is pursuing further education in psychology. She and Jules are sisters, producers of content and above all, nerds.

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